Ray is a highly experienced Vice President of National Commercial Sales at Chicago Title. With over 35 years of experience in the national commercial sales industry, Ray has developed a strong customer-centric philosophy and a collaborative mindset. He always puts his clients first and values meeting new customers, understanding their needs, and delivering the best possible results.

A leader embodies a customer-centric philosophy and recognizes that by prioritizing the needs of their customers, they will ultimately achieve greater success and personal growth.

As a great leader, Ray understands the importance of prioritizing the needs of his clients. He strongly believes that by consistently delivering exceptional customer service, he can achieve greater success and personal growth. Ray specializes in National Commercial real estate, including multifamily and retail real estate. He is well-known for his integrity and expertise in building strong and lasting relationships with his clients.
Ray is a true California native, born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing golf, smoking cigars, and collecting classic cars. His passion for these hobbies is only matched by his love for providing his clients with the best possible service and experience.