Paula Fogel,
California NCS

AVP, Senior DRE Consultant   |  


Title insurance veteran Paula Fogel has over 24 years of experience and extensive knowledge relating to the California Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) rules and regulations. Since joining Chicago Title in 2004 as a Senior BRE Consultant, Paula rapidly earned a reputation as a thorough and efficient, detail-oriented professional.

As a Senior BRE Consultant, Paula works with developers who are building common interest and standard subdivisions. Paula serves as the key liaison between her clients and the Special Investigators at the California Bureau of Real Estate. She also coordinates the process of obtaining public reports for the developers which allows them to sell the homes in their projects. Throughout the transaction, Paula works closely with the developer’s attorney, budget preparer, engineer, escrow officer, and the title unit. She handles the needs of these stakeholders along with critical project deadlines on a daily basis.

I possess the right qualities to perform the role of a DRE Consultant. I am disciplined and patient as well as diligent in my research and communications. I also takes pride and satisfaction in helping my clients find the knowledge and tools they need to fulfill their subdivision requirements.

Paula is a graduate of San Diego State University, and holds a lifetime teaching credential. She is a current member of the Los Angeles/Ventura County BRE Council.

In her spare time, Paula likes to read, travel, play sports, and spend time with family and friends.