Heather Kucala,
California NCS

VP, Sr. National Commercial Closer   |  
San Francisco, CA & Walnut Creek, CA


Recognized as a perennial top performer and multiple recipient of many peer-based leadership and revenue achievement awards over a 30-year escrow career, Heather Kucala joins the Chicago Title Bay Area team. She is primarily responsible for coordinating underwriting and escrow for commercial real estate sales and refinances, specializing in handling complex development, construction, refinance or sale projects. The excitement of crossing the finish line on a challenging closing is her favorite part of the job. In addition to her client-centric mindset, she brings creative solutions to underwriting issues early on, allowing her to remain focused and steady to close. Among her clients, she is classified as a trusted partner who is resolute, accomplished, and able to handle any situation. 

Think fiercely, Care intensely, Live Vibrantly.

In her personal and professional life, Heather values integrity, steadfastness, and a positive attitude. It is her optimism backed by her dedication that planted the seed for her success
in this industry. Heather is a California native from Sacramento, who loves the outdoors. Her favorite activities include hiking, backpacking, kayaking, camping, and spending time in
nature. Whenever Heather is indoors, you can find her exercising on her Peloton or playing with her rescue kitten, Sweet Pea.