Teresa Drake,
California NCS

AVP, Foreclosure Manager   |  


With over 30 years of experience, Teresa Drake serves as the Foreclosure Manager with Chicago Title. As the manager of the Foreclosure Department, Theresa processes her own foreclosure files and oversees the non-judicial foreclosures and reconveyance requests for Deeds of Trust in California that name Chicago Title Company or predecessors as trustee. Theresa most enjoys the people she works with and values the customers she comes in contact with during the course of her work. She also appreciates the work she performs on complex non-judicial foreclosure transactions. Working with both commercial and residential matters, Teresa revels in solving issues before they become problems. She is also a member of the United Trustee’s Association (UTA), which is a professional affiliation of those acting as trustees.

I derive passion for my work from the challenge of solving issues before they become problems.

Teresa’s devotion to customer service and prompt, efficient transactions has been a propellant in her success. She is dedicated to the employees she manages, and boasts high caliber efficiency from all involved in the foreclosures department. When working with Chicago Title, it is the customer service and fervor that puts them above the rest.